Great bunch of guys here. Always easy doing business with them. Can get work done in a timely manner. I recommend them for your vehicle needs.

5 Excessive Performance 12/13/2017

Excellent timely service. These guys know what there doing. I've only been recommended maintenance on what my truck actually needs. Very reasonablely priced too. I've recommended Excessive Performance to my friends and co-workers.

5 Excessive Performance 12/8/2017

Matt was very professional. He took his time going over a diagnostic on a car that has given my nephew so many problems. With his advice, and knowledge, we were able to make the best decision in regards to our car. A man came in with such a poor attitude. The man was so rude that he made me and man son afraid, but Matt never lost his cool, and was able to assist the rude man in such a respectful manner. It was such a pleasure to witness such professionalism at Excessive Performance in Killeen, TX. I will recommend others.

5 Excessive Performance 12/6/2017

Best staff ever.

5 Excessive Performance 11/29/2017

Great & Excellent Service. They are very friendly, fast service and very respectful.... will continue to do service with them......

5 Excessive Performance 11/20/2017

I love the fact that they were able to diagnose my engine performance requirements, without excuses. The service was quick and efficient. I will definitely be telling other people about your excellent operations.

5 Excessive Performance 10/16/2017

Highly professional crew who always provides the best service. On my latest problem with my GM truck, two previous attempt to fix the problem (to include the dealership) failed to properly identify and correct the issue with the emission system. The great guys at Excessive Performance had my truck in and fixed in less than 24 hours at a fraction of the cost of the previous non successful attempt by other shops. Great job. I can't say enough things about them!!!

5 Excessive Performance 10/12/2017

Great timely service.

5 Excessive Performance 10/6/2017

Appreciate the great honest service!

5 Excessive Performance 10/2/2017

These guys are old-school business people. That means customer-oriented! Bottom line: They find the problem, explain the problem and cost of repair then FIX the problem right! They do it with respect, expertise and everything they can to make their customers happy. I'm an older gal that knows a few things about vehicles. They treated me with respect across the board and much better than I'm treated by the local dealership. Excessive Performance is my "go-to" place now. I know I can trust them and they'll treat me right. Give them a chance and they'll do the same for you!

5 Excessive Performance 8/19/2017

5 year unlimited mileage warranty on repairs